Lauren Terry

Daughter-in-law, Lauren is feeling much better, and they have been able to temporarily relocate to a different location, that doesn’t have the water contaminated with fuel.

Dec-04 / last rejoice 91m ago

Thank you Jesus for your promises. Thank you for being a reliable promise keeper.

Nov-29 / last prayer 92m ago
Shirley Rester

Thankful for our Lord’s restoring health to Shirley Rester and bringing her back to Bible Study and worship. Prayer works. Thank you Lord

Nov-30 / last prayer 91m ago
New followers of Christ Jesus.

PRAISE THE LORD. God's Word is moving in the hearts and minds of His people. The past 10 weeks have yielded baptisms in 9 of these weeks. God is moving PRAISE HIM.

Dec-07 / last rejoice 61m ago

Praise the Lord for the Powerful Spirit Filled worship service of Sunday, December 5. Pray we will be a church supporting, praying , giving / and GOING on Mission. 24/7. 365 days a year.

Nov-28 / last rejoice 91m ago
Newly committed Christ followers.

Pray that those who recently made professions of faith and renewed commitments to Christ will follow through and yield to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Nov-29 / last prayer 91m ago
Prayer Intercessors / prayer walkers.

What a blessings to have our FBC Pic Prayer Intercessors walking side by side in agreement in prayer. Power in prayer. Prayer works. Praise the Lord.

Dec-05 / last rejoice 93m ago

Praying that ALL LOST PEOPLE without Christ Jesus as LORD will have a life changing Damascus Road experience and be changed.

Nov-30 / last prayer 90m ago

Thank you Lord for the empowerment t of your Spirit to be a bold witness be make disciples foe your kingdom.

Nov-29 / last rejoice 93m ago
Disciple makers

Pray for an awareness of people’s spiritual need for Christ Jesus and the boldness to speak the Word of God that will point them to a decision to follow Jesus Pray for changed lives.

Dec-03 / last prayer 91m ago
Donald Smith

Asking for prayers for my dad that newly found nodules on lung are of no concern

Dec-02 / last prayer 91m ago

Unspoken / medical issues. Prayers appreciated. Our Lord is healer. He provides. He is able. Thank you Lord fir the valley’s in life that draw us closer to you.

Dec-01 / last prayer 92m ago
Unborn children in the womb

Pray NOW. PRAY RIGHT NOW for the Supreme Court as they consider the arguments concerning LIFE. Protection for the UNBORN CHILD. God forgive us for killing the child in The womb. Stop this NOW

Dec-01 / last prayer 92m ago

Help me Lord to root my heart in the promise and power of the resurrection of Jesus, who holdings the future

Nov-29 / last prayer 91m ago
Christ followers

Praise the Lord! Even though judgement is coming to those who are without Christ Jesus salvation is available for Christ followers who by FAITH turn from sin and TRUST Jesus. The best is yet to come.

Dec-05 / last prayer 90m ago
Donald Dodd

Pray for Donald Dodd. Donald is home recovering from food poisoning (bad food on hunting trip in Illinois.) Pray for quick and full recovery without complications.

Dec-07 / last prayer 13m ago
Jamison and Becca Dodd / expecting parents

Pray for Jamison and Becca Dodd. They are expecting baby boy Spring of 2022. Pray for a healthy baby and a delivery without complications. CONGRATULATIONS! PRAISE GOD!

Dec-07 / last rejoice 11m ago
Lauren Terry

Pray for our daughter in-law (Lauren) and new grand daughter (Annabelle), Lauren has tested positive for the Covid virus, they are also experiencing a gas leak in their water system and have no water.

Dec-01 / last prayer 13m ago
Radical Bible Study Class

Thankful for our FBC Pic RADICAL Bible Study Class These people love Jesus and are filled with compassion for people with special need. Blessed to be a blessings God is good

Dec-05 / last rejoice 90m ago
Lost people living in the 10/40 Window.

Pray for the lost, unchurched & Unengaged people groups living in the 10/40 Window. Pray God’s Word will be delivered in their language & the Holy Spirit will awaken these people. BILLIONS are at RISK

Dec-01 / last prayer 90m ago
Persecuted church

Pray for the persecuted church. Pray for rescue, restoration, rebuild. Pray for wisdom and courage for those who are at risk.

Dec-01 / last prayer 92m ago

Thankful for the joyful sound of children, students and adults engaging in Fellowship, Bible Study and small groups at Wednesday evening Half Time sessions.PTL for a health church.

Dec-02 / last rejoice 92m ago

Help me Lord to surrender control and embrace a life of freedom with you.

Nov-30 / last prayer 92m ago

Help me Lord to love you with ALL my heart, mind. Soul and body. Help me Lord to be salt and light and to shine for your so other’s will see Jesus in me.

Nov-29 / last prayer 90m ago
Prayer Warriors

Thank you God for welcoming and answering the prayers of your people. Power in praying Prayer works.

Nov-30 / last rejoice 92m ago

Father thank you for your perfect unending love. Help me to share your love with confused, unchurched and lost people.

Nov-29 / last prayer 90m ago

Pray for people who have come out of darkness and into the True Light of the Gospel that they will be empowered to fight and win against temptation to return to the dark side away from God

Nov-29 / last prayer 91m ago
Eric Wowoh

Pray for our friend Eric Wowoh, Change Agent Network, Liberia Africa. Eric’s lifelong work in providing better education and living Standards for the least of these is being challenged with evil

Nov-28 / last prayer 91m ago

Loving God, thank you for your grace in providing for my needs. I pour out my gratitude to you today.

Nov-30 / last rejoice 92m ago
Church Staff and Prayer Captains

Praying our FBC staff and Prayer Captains will set the pace and be encourages as examples to our church family in the WAR ROOM and posting prayer request and praises to FBCPICPRAYERLOFT,COM.

Nov-27 / last prayer 93m ago
Andrea Seals

Andrea Seals is home from the hospital and is doing well! Thank you all for your prayers for her during her surgery and hospitalization and continued prayers for healing! God is good!

Nov-28 / last rejoice 91m ago

Jesus, give me the words to speak, that I might bless someone with your grace and Love during this Christmas season

Nov-29 / last prayer 90m ago
Jeff Musgrove, family and care providers

Pray for Jeff Musgrove, (Ted's brother) Jeff is 61 years of age. He has been in Mental Health Services / Care Facilities since he was 17 years of age. He just relocated to a new safe place. PRAY

Dec-07 / last prayer 59m ago

Help me Lord to to be more like you sharing unconditional love while being patient, and gentle with others.

Nov-29 / last prayer 91m ago

Today is a fresh start (thank you Lord for another day) pray that FBC Pic. Will follow the purpose and plan our Lord has for us as His church Pray that we will be doers and not just hearers. Engage.

Dec-03 / last prayer 93m ago
Woman innkeeper in AZ

Pray for a woman innkeeper at Diamond Resorts in Tuscon, AZ I had a Gospel conversation with her . She received a New Testament and was pointed towards Jesus. Pray the Seed planted will find root.

Dec-05 / last prayer 91m ago
Disciple Now Weekend

DNOW is coming up Jan 14-16. Please pray for preparations taking place now, and for the Spirit to change lives through the event. We want students to understand and grow in FULL SURRENDER to Jesus.

Dec-01 / last prayer 91m ago
People Traveling for Christmas

Pray safety and protection for family and friends who will be traveling home from Christmas. Pray for safety on the roads and clear skies for air travelers

Nov-27 / last rejoice 92m ago
High school students in Arizona without a Savior

Thankful for the opportunity to stand on a public sidewalk in Tuscon. Arizona giving free copies of God’s Word to the students. Pray blind eyes will be opened to The Truth of God’s Word

Dec-02 / last rejoice 92m ago
Southern Baptist Seminaries.

Pray for our Southern Baptist Seminaries as they train and prepare students to lead churches, congregations, Ministries and Mission efforts. Pray for wisdom. Pray for courage To be bold in witness

Dec-01 / last prayer 60m ago
Students ar St. Charles Catholic Church

Thankful for the opportunity to place God’s Word into the hands of boys and girls at St. Charles Catholic Church in Picayune. Appreciate the support of Father Bernie and his love for Christ Jesus.

Nov-30 / last rejoice 91m ago
FBC Pic church family

Pray that our FBC Pic family will be conscious of the burdens and needs of others and will engage in Ministry and Mission efforts to meet needs and welcome all into our fellowship.

Dec-05 / last prayer 92m ago

Thank you Lord that in the midst of my struggles you give me strength. Praise you Lord.

Nov-30 / last rejoice 93m ago

Pray for family friend in a severe accident named TC. Critical condition. Not conscious, neck injury and potentially needing to amputate his leg

Nov-30 / last prayer 90m ago
Lost WOKE woman from NY

Pray for a WOKE woman from NY who is lost without Jesus. I sat beside her on a flight from AZ to TX. I shared Jesus with this hard hearted woman. She is cold as ice toward the Gospel. Pray for her

Dec-05 / last prayer 91m ago
FBC Picayune

Pray that FBC Picayune will develop into a mighty force of PRAYER WARRIORS Pray that our men will be MIGHTY MEN of prayer led by our STAFF who model 2 Chronicles 7:14

Nov-28 / last prayer 90m ago

Thank you Lord that I can forgive others because you have forgiven me

Nov-30 / last prayer 91m ago

Pray for the influencers in the lives of our children, grandchildren, students and youth. Pray that teachers, coaches, administrators and Ministers will be a reflection of God's love, and grace.

Nov-27 / last prayer 90m ago

Pray for Andrew. I engaged Andrew in a Gospel conversation in a parking lot in Slidell today. I pointed Andrew toward Jesus and placed a copy of God’s Word in his hand. Pray for an awakening

Nov-30 / last prayer 92m ago

Had a "gospel conversation" with Jason M. today. PLEASE pray that he will come back to God and for his salvation. Thank you Lord for helping me share my testimony.

Nov-27 / last prayer 91m ago
FBC PIC family

Pray that our FBC Pic family will see God’s Holiness and faithfulness afresh, and that our desire to be Holy as He is Holy will be strengthened.

Dec-05 / last prayer 92m ago