Picayune Gideon Camppeaise the Lord.

Praise the Lord. 750 Gideon Bibles weee placed in the hands of PRC Middle School Students. 25 Bibles weee placed in the hands of the teachers and staff. Praise the Lord.

Dec-07 / no rejoices yet
Ms Grace Smith wellness

Pray for Ms Grace. She sustained a fall that resulted in both hips being broken. In much pain. Pray for relief of her pain and healing. Pray for peace and comfort pray for her family & xare givers

Dec-05 / last prayer 6h ago
Gideon Ministry / Picayune Camp

Grateful for the opportunity to place 540 copy of God’s Word in the hands of High School students at PRC Praying Isiah 55:11. Praying for the harvest.

Dec-02 / last rejoice 6h ago
American Military Veterans

Praise God for the men and woman who with God’s direction and supply has given us a free America Pray for our veterans who served and sacrificed. Semper Fi.

Nov-12 / last prayer 6h ago
World wide distribution of God’s Word

Pray for open doors and opportunity to Place God’s Word into the hands of lost, unreached, unchurched and unengaged peoples hands. Pray for awakening. Lives changed.

Sep-10 / last prayer 6h ago
Kairos Ministry

Thank God for Kairos Ministry that reaches out and encourage family and friends of the incarcerated. Pray for peace and God’s care and provisions for broken families.

Oct-05 / last prayer 6h ago
Christ followers to be sanctified by the TRUTH

Pray that we will be found faithful in our charge to take the TRUE Gospel to the whole world. Pray we will GO and be secure and pure in doing so. Be anxious for nothing. On mission.

Oct-23 / last prayer 6h ago
John Daniel’s Jr. Forrest General Hospital - COMA

Pray for john, he was involved in a ATV accident. He is currently in a COMA with No brain function pray God’s healing hand on this young man. Pray for a miracle. Our God is able.

Nov-08 / last prayer 6h ago
Brian Adams and family

Pray for Brian and his family as they deal with the death of his brother Arthur.

Nov-28 / last prayer 6h ago
Missionary families in the field for service

Pray for our Missionary families who serve in hostile countries opposed to the True Gospel. Pray during the pending elections calmness will prevail & our Missionaries & Gospel partners will be safe

Aug-04 / last prayer 6h ago
Peace for Israel

Pray our Lord will shield the people of Israel from hate, savage cowards who hide behind babies, children, women, elderly and the least of these. Pray for total victory for Israel. Defeat of darkness

Oct-26 / last prayer 6h ago
Samaritan’s Purse Ministrues

Pray for those serving with Samaritan’s Purse in the War Torn Middle East. Pray for their safety as they come to serve and bring the Good News of Jesus and His love

Oct-21 / last prayer 6h ago
Picayune Gideon Camp

Praise the Lord. 790 copy of God's Word was distributed at Picayune Memorial High School into the out reached hands of students, faculty and staff. Pray the Seed planted will take & lives changed.

Nov-01 / last rejoice 6h ago
persons who suffer with PTSD

Pray for our FIRST RESPONDERS, Military Personnel and Veterans who suffer with PSTD. Pray their leaning will be on the Lord Christ Jesus and not be anxious or fearful.

Sep-08 / last prayer 6h ago
Susie Estapa (Eugene Sweet’s sister)

Pray for wellness, restored health, healing without complications.

Sep-17 / last prayer 6h ago
Clayford Smith Ken Hall’s daughter in laws farher

Heart patient. In Forrest General Hospital Hattiesburg with pneumonia and sepsis. SERIOUS. Prayers appreciated. Hold the rope.

Oct-09 / last prayer 6h ago
Nancy Griffin (health issues)

Pray for Nancy Nancy suffers from a long term illness. Pray for wellness, quality of line , patience in waiting.

Sep-17 / last prayer 6h ago
War Room Intercessors / FBC Prayer Ministry

Pray our Intercessors will STAND FIRM. Pray our Intercessors will not loose focus or swayed by the demands of this world but committed to Kingdom concerns.

Aug-20 / last prayer 6h ago
Israel. Defender of it’s homeland

Pray for Israel. Under attack from Hamas (blood thirsty terrorist) Pray evil and Hamas will be destroyed in total defeat. Pray life and victory for Israel

Oct-07 / last prayer 6h ago
PR Bapt Churches Spiritual movement.

Praise the Lord for our PR Bapt Churches On average 2 persons per day from our PR Bapt churches are coming to Jesus with decisions to follow Him. Pray this spiritual movement will spread to all.

Sep-11 / last rejoice 6h ago
Operation Christmas Child

Pray every christian family will respond in preparing and supporting Operation Christmas Child. Pray the children who receive the special packages will feel God’s love and come to know Jesus as Lord.

Oct-05 / last prayer 6h ago
New SBF men’s and young women’s Bible Study classes.

Praise the Lord for our two new SBF classes. Men’s class led by Todd Rayburn and Stephen Rawls’s women’s class led by Tori Neese and Leslie Espy.

Sep-16 / last rejoice 6h ago
Larry Williamson, Regional Field Officer Gideon Ministry

Glory to God. Prayers answered. 19 days in Cape Verde Islands Africa. DONE!Thank you for your prayers. Holding the rope. Pray the SEED planted will grow and expand God’s Kingdom.

Aug-20 / last rejoice 6h ago
People who are non responsive to God’s Word

Pray for people who are living in this world who hear and are exposed to the Gospel yet are non responsive. Pray hardened hearts. , stiff necks will repent and come to Jesus for Salvation / LIFE

Oct-07 / last prayer 6h ago
Unity amongst Christ followers

Pray we will be one. Pray we will be together in love, prayer, thought and deed.

Oct-23 / last prayer 6h ago
Hal Mark Schrock (medical)

Pray for healing and full recovery from his long term medical issues.

Sep-17 / last prayer 6h ago
United Missions Offering

Pray FBC church family will support and exceed the $70,000. Goal for UNO Pray these funds will encourage the influencers with the Gospel globally

Sep-16 / last rejoice 6h ago

Pray for Whitney. She is confused. Pray the chains of darkness will be lifted from the lifestyle she has chosen Pray for Whitney to return to her FIRST LOVE in Christ Jesus. Jesus is calling Whitney

Oct-22 / last prayer 6h ago
Gideon Bible distributions to other Lands 2023

Pray for Scripture distributions to: Ecuador, Columbia, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Togo and Democratic Republic of Congo. Pray for Lost / unchurched people to receive a free copy of God’s Word. Salvation

Sep-06 / last prayer 6h ago
Prayer Warriors

Pray Intercessors will have supernatural courage to overcome anxiety and fear and not be deterred from stiff necked, hypocrites who follow the world for self gain

Oct-23 / last prayer 6h ago

Please pray for Adam, young man, recently widowed, Picayune School teacher, in process of adapting a 3 year old foster child. Adam has CANCER. Pray for complete healing and God's favor in his life.

Nov-06 / last prayer 6h ago
Ms Jean, Radical SBF Class

Pray for Ms Jean, the past several weeks she has been experiencing health issue. CONCERNING! Medical test in progress. Pray for God's favor and return to good health without complications.

Nov-01 / last prayer 6h ago
Dustin Gray / incarcerated MDOC

Pray for Dustin. Pray for his family. Pray for Dustin as he transitions to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Pray. Hold the rope. Pray.

Oct-03 / last prayer 6h ago
Gold Star Families

Pray for our Gold Star Families. Encourage. Pray for & support the families of our battle fallen heroes. No greater love for those who have given all so that we may have freedom. Freedom is not free

Aug-13 / last prayer 6h ago
Homeless and refugees from the War in Israel

Pray for the hundreds of thousands of people having to flee their homes dues to the War in Israel. Pray for safety, basic human needs to be met as people search for safety shelter. Pray for Caregiver

Oct-20 / last prayer 6h ago

Pray that church spectators will be awakened and called out of their comfort zone, easy chair, pew and engage in prayer, Bible study, Small Group, giving, worship, witnessing, Ministry and Missions.

Oct-22 / last prayer 6h ago
3,072 Unreached people groups

Pray Southern Bapt will go to the deepest part of lostness to find people no one else is looking for. Our objective: is to bring the Gospel to every nation, all tribes, peoples and every language.

Aug-23 / last prayer 6h ago
Jane Doe, confused with her sexual identity

Jane Doeis a professional health care person. Raised in a christian home at FBC Pic. Jane is sick. She is confused about who she is. Pray for an awakening and return to her first love and her family

Jun-05 / last prayer 6h ago

Pray men will step up, stand firm, be courageous in God’s Word, love and protect God’s women, excel at God’s Work. BLESS God’s World. Learn to pray as a Warrior with boldness.

Nov-14 / last prayer 6h ago
Fishers of men

Pray for obedient and faithful fishers of men. Pray we will listen to and obey God’s instructions on when and where to fish for lost men. Women, students & youth who are without Christ Jesus as Lord

May-25 / last prayer 6h ago
Husbands and wives in covenant marriages

Marriage is of God. Pray for husbands to love their wives and wives love their husbands as Christ loved His church. Pray. Encourage. Hold the rope in support

Oct-10 / last prayer 6h ago
Leadership skills for men

Pray men will be leaders as: Men of God’s Word. Men men of prayer. Men of compassionate hearts. Men who witness. Men who give. Men of separated walk. Men of faith. Men of sacrifice. Men of service

Oct-10 / last prayer 6h ago
Tyler Shelby, PRC Corrections inmate

Pray for Tyler, (preachers kid) Pray this preachers kid will grow up, awaken, repent and return home to a loving supporting family.

Nov-08 / last prayer 6h ago
Medical professional at Highland Community Hospital

Grateful for the medical professionals (HEROS) at Highland Community Hospital who provide 24/7/365 medical care and support to our community. We are blessed

May-30 / last rejoice 6h ago
Preserving and honoring marriage

Pray that the Covenant of marriage as established by our Creator / Maker / Sustainer God will be honored as one biological male and one biological female.

Nov-02 / last prayer 6h ago
2024 American elections / LEADERSHIP

Pray evil & sinful leaders in every community, State & in our U S Capital will be replaced with God fearing, Bible believing Christian men & women who are called by God to stand firm & lead our people

May-25 / last prayer 6h ago
Picayune Gideon Camp

Glory to God. Local Members of the Gideons International distributed 400 copy of God’s Word & 25 Bibles placed on teachers desk at Pic Jr. High. Pray for changed lives. Awakening. Discipleship

Oct-31 / last rejoice 6h ago
IMB Missionaries / unreached people

Pray for Kevin and Misty as they serve at the Port of Entry into a European Nation Daily thousands of Muslim and Unreached people from North Africa cross their post.

Mar-22 / last prayer 6h ago

Pray for a beautiful, professional medical specialist (raised and active in the church) now CONFUSED. Pray for a spiritual awakening and return to her first love of Jesus and family.

Oct-09 / last prayer 6h ago
Pharisees, Sadducee’s & Hypocrites

Pray for the holier than thou who teach, instruct others in following the law and doing works of service yet they do not practice what they teach. Pray for an awakening. / change of heart

Sep-18 / last prayer 6h ago
U S Military persons under attack

Pray for our solders. Sailors. Airmen, U S Marines and Special Operators in the Eye of the Needle in HOT SPOTS around the world. Pray for safety, wellness, defeat of EVIL. Victory. Mission.

Oct-21 / last prayer 6h ago
Ty Herring (Mark’s nephew)

Pray for healing. Full recovery without complications.

Sep-17 / last prayer 6h ago
Lost, unchurched, Unreached & Unengaged people

Pray the Spirit of our Loving God will awaken those without Christ Jesus as Lord. Pray blind eyes will open to see. Deaf ears will open to hear. Hardened hearts will be receptive

Jan-15 / last prayer 6h ago
LOST / UNCHURCHED people of MIssissippi

Pray for the 62% people of MS. 2 million are lost and unchurched. Pray for a spiritual awakening. Pray revival will come to MS. Pray revival will begin at FBC Picayune and our PRBA churches.

Aug-20 / last prayer 6h ago
Rep. Mike Johnson, 56th Speaker of rhe House

Pray for Mike Johnson as he leads the U S Congress. Pray for wisdom. Pray for courage and strength to follow God’s will for America. God bless America

Oct-26 / last prayer 6h ago
Steps Recovery Minisrry

Pray individuals and family who are in need of healing from addiction will be drawn, loved, welcomed and Ministered to their special needs

Sep-17 / last prayer 6h ago
Billy Graham Rapid Response Team

Pray for this amazing TEAM of Pastors. Chaplains and trained volunteers who follow up and engage with hurting people after storms and disasters Pray the Good News will bring hope to the hurting

Sep-30 / last prayer 6h ago
Lost / Hindu Motel - Hotel owners & operators

Pray for local Hindu motel hotel owners and operators who do not permit God’s Word to be placed in the guest rooms of their facilities. Pray for spiritual awakening Pray for Change of heart

Sep-10 / last prayer 6h ago
Dr. Tony Inman, PRBA

Pray for West Poplarville Bapt church and efforts to replant this once thriving church. Pray for Dr. Tony as he leads these efforts

Oct-05 / last prayer 6h ago
Objective #1 Go. Share Jesus with the lost

Praying every believer will engage in Ministry and Mission efforts to reach lost, unchurched, Unreached and Unengaged people with the TRUE Gospel.

Sep-17 / last prayer 6h ago
Serena Gray / Radical SBF Class

Praise and GLORY to God. Serena Gray’s cancer surgery was successful. Cancer is gone. Pray for complete healing and wellness. Thank you Lord.

Oct-25 / last rejoice 6h ago
Anonymous person with serious Mental Health issues

Pray for John Doe, he has been disoriented with severe Schizophrenia. He is a Christ follower experiencing faulty perception causing life style changes. Pray demons and evil spirits will be rebuked.

Jun-05 / last prayer 6h ago

Please pray for the memory fog resulting from COVID to be lifted. Pray short term memory will improve and the frustration to remember will be replaced with the JOY of the Lord. Hold the rope. Pray

Oct-09 / last prayer 6h ago
Christ followers

Pray that we may live expectantly, faithfully, and compassionately as we await His return and His coming kingdom

Sep-22 / last prayer 6h ago
Paul Lowe cancer

Pray for Paul. He has surgery scheduled for Monday, Dec 11 in Hattiesburg. Pray for success. Pray for complete healing.

Dec-07 / last prayer 6h ago
Lost (Catholic) neighbors

Pray for my lost / unchurched / Unengaged neighbors. Pray we can have spiritual influence that will turn them to God’s Word and their need for a personal relationship with Christ Jesus .

Aug-20 / last prayer 6h ago