Milton Ulmer (man of God)

Pray for Milton. Milton tested positive to Covid. Milton is home resting and hunkered down with mild symptoms. Pray for quick recovery without complications.

Jun-24 / last prayer 16h ago
Family of Gwen Rose sister of R T Buckley

Pray for the family of Gwen Rose Gwen graduated to her eternal home on Thursday., June 30

Jul-01 / last prayer 4h ago
Prayer Captains (men of prayer / leadership

Pray for our Fbcpicprayerloft captains: RT, Buddy, Ken, Jerry, Brandon, Jerry and LW. Pray these men will engage and lead our church in our on line PRAYER MInistry

May-29 / last prayer 5h ago
FBC Pic. Radical Bible Study family

Pray for our Radical SBF Family as we engage the MS Army National Guard in worship Sunday, 8:30-9:30 a.m. July 31. 2022. THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO ENCOURAGE OUR HERO INFLUENCERS.

May-26 / last rejoice 5h ago
Sally Dallas

Pray for Sally Dallas as she is having a surgery on Tuesday June 28th.

Jun-26 / last prayer 5h ago
Praying women of FBC

Praise the Lord for praying Intercessor women of FBC. Power in prayer. Prayer works. Women who pray have the ear of God.

Jun-29 / last rejoice 5h ago
FBC members on Mission

Pray for our FBC 2022 Summer Missionaries. Pray for Noah and Kamryn as they serve along side our IMB Missionaries in a distant land. Pray God’s will and blessings as they live, witness and share

Jun-23 / last rejoice 5h ago
Dustin Gray

Incarcerated awaiting court action. Pray for Dustin to not be anxious or fearful but to be a witness for our Lord in an isolated environment. Pray for courage to follow Christ Jesus.

Jul-01 / last prayer 5h ago
Hungry people of West Africa

Pray for Antonio and Charlott. School teachers who have not been paid their salary for 5!months. (Govt. Corruption). No rice in their home. Trusting in Christ Jesus to supply their needs.

Jun-14 / last prayer 5h ago
Kathy Pearson

The Lord called Kathy Pearson home last night. Praising Him she is free of pain and suffering and worshipping Him face to face! Please pray for comfort for family!

Jun-30 / last rejoice 5h ago
IMB, NAMB and SEND RELIEF efforts.

Pray for Southern Baptist relief efforts as we pray and respond in giving to support the sovereign country of Ukraine and the millions of people who are being impacted by the Russian invasion.

Apr-14 / last prayer 5h ago
Sonya Goodwin McKnight

Please pray in Jesus Name for healing over Sonya Goodwin. She has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Our God is Able!

Jun-29 / last prayer 2h ago
Peggy Broadway

Please pray for Buddy and family in the home going of Peggy. Well done Peggy! . Pray for God’s presence in Love, mercy and grace in the days to come. Romans 8:28. All things !

Jun-21 / last prayer 2h ago
FBC Children’s Ministry

Pray for our FBC Children’s Ministry, staff, children 3-5 grade and their families as they prepare for centriKid Camp. July 9-13 at Pulaski, MS

Jan-30 / last prayer 5h ago
FBC Student Ministry. Fuge Camp

Pray for our FBC Student Ministry, staff, students and families as they prepare for Fuge Camp, July 11-16 at Union University Jackson, TN

Jan-30 / last prayer 5h ago
Soldiers of the MS Army National Guard 857 Engineer Construction Co.

Pray for safety, wellness and mission accomplished of our Guardsman as they drill, train, serve and protect our community, State of MS and our Nation.

May-26 / last rejoice 4h ago
AMERICA / babies in the womb

Praise God! Our Supreme Court overturned ROE VS. WADE (the murder / slaughter of children in the womb) 63 MILLION boy and girl babies had their lives violently taken by money hungry health providers.

Jun-24 / last rejoice 5h ago
Deanna Strain

Please pray for Deanna Strain. She was in a car accident and is paralyzed from her waist down. Pray for God to heal her in Jesus Name! Our God is Able!

Jun-15 / last prayer 5h ago
FBC Pic Prayer Warriors / influencers with the Gospel

Pray FBC Pic will develop Prayer Warriors & influences with the Gospel to: Families, Educators, First Responders, Healthcare Providers, Leadership. Pray for positive results. Answered prayers. FRUIT

Feb-07 / last prayer 5h ago
L. W. Regional Field Officer Gideon Ministry

Preparing for return to West Africa in fall of 2022. Pray for God’s blessings, open door, opportunity to serve, witness, train, encourage, distribute God’s Word in the utter most places of Cape Verde

Jun-21 / last prayer 5h ago
Pastor Tony

Pray for our Senior Pastor Tony as he prepares each week to bring the church a powerful message from God’s Holy Word. Pray deaf ears will hear. Blind eyes will be opened. Hearts will be changed

Jun-21 / last prayer 5h ago
Bob and Sally Dallas

Praise the Lord for new members to our Adult Radical Bible Study Family. Welcome Bob and Sally Dallas

Jun-21 / last rejoice 5h ago
Horace R(ay) Mitchell, Jr.

Please pray for my wife's brother Ray. He was admitted to oschner northshore after a "minor" heatstroke & has slight pneumonia in one lung.

Jun-30 / last prayer 5h ago
Salvation for LOST leaders

Pray that our LOST leaders (people of and with influence and power) will have a Demarcus Road experience. Changed hearts / blind eyes opened or changed leaders. Whatever it takes.

Jun-21 / last prayer 5h ago
Gideon Ministry

Praise the Lord for the open door & opportunity to place the Word of God in the waiting rooms &patient rooms at Highland Community Hospital. All 60 patient rooms now have God’s Word at bedside. Praise

Jun-01 / last rejoice 5h ago
Serena Gray

Eye surgery the next two weeks. Pray for success in her two procedures. Pray for no complications and clear vision.

Jun-19 / last prayer 5h ago
Dee Kennedy

Requesting prayer for healing.

Jul-02 / last prayer 5h ago
Family of Ruth Crosby

Pray for the family of Ms Ruth Crosby. Ruth a faithful servant is with the Lord. Pray for peace and joy as Ruth’s family, friends and church celebrate her home going.

Jun-24 / last prayer 4h ago
Gideon Ministry Ukraine

Pray the 300,000 Copy of God’s Word recently distributed by Gideons in Ukraine will fall on fertile ground and a harvest of lost souls will come to know Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Jun-21 / last rejoice 5h ago
Gold Star Families

Know that your families sacrifice is not in vain. We are free. We are a grateful nation. We will never forget.

May-30 / last rejoice 5h ago
Image bearers / children of God

Pray that as God’s children we will extend grace of the Gospel while seeking to act justly, to love faithfulness, and to walk humbly with our God even at the cost of being disadvantaged ourselves

Jun-21 / last prayer 5h ago
Suffering people of Afghanistan

Pray for the people of Afghanistan who were impacted by 5.9M earthquake on 6/22. Over 1,000 dead with thousands wounded and homeless. Pray the lost will come to know Jesus as Lord.

Jun-22 / last prayer 5h ago

Pray that America will wake up. Repent of our many sins. TURN to Christ Jesus Trust in the Lord. Worship and follow Jesus as He leads us out of the swamps and quick Sand (traps of Satan).

Jul-01 / last prayer 5h ago