Seeing where America is headed spiritually and politically pray that God’s church will be on guard so as not to be carried away by error and lose our firm commitment to God

Nov-12 / last prayer 111m ago
Mississippi Gideons

Praise the Lord for the open door at MS Regional Corrections Facility At Leaksville, MS. 2,100 Scripture were received by the inmates and Prison officials. Pray for changed lives.

Oct-21 / last rejoice 111m ago
FBC Student Ministry / Jonathan Espy

Pray for Jonathan and our Student Minister volunteers as they encourage and lead students to actively live out their faith in Jesus as Lord

Nov-21 / last prayer 111m ago
Gold Star Families

Pray for our Gold Star Families who have sacrificed for our nation allowing us to enjoy Life, Liberty, freedom, peace and security. No greater love than to lay down one’s life. We are grateful

Nov-11 / last prayer 111m ago
Garden Shop employee at Home Depot

Pray for a PRCC student (part time employee) in the Garden Shop. We had a Gospel Conversation. He was receptive to a gift (Gideon Testament) and interested in learning more about Jesus.

Nov-19 / last prayer 110m ago
Picayune Gideons

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to give God’s Word to the students at Picayune Memorial High School. 800 Testaments were given. Pray for changed lives. Deep walk with Jesus.

Oct-21 / last rejoice 111m ago
FBC family

Pray that we will be light and salt with the Truth of the Gospel with an awareness of false teaching and evil ways of our world regarding the end of times.

Nov-12 / last prayer 111m ago
Gideons International

Today, November 9, 2022 , marks the distribution / placement of the 2,500,000,000 (2.5 billion) Bible Praise God for the Seed Sown and the lives changed by the Word of God.

Nov-09 / last rejoice 110m ago
Justin and Dr. Prerana Williamson

Joy. Joy. Joy, Justin and Prerana Williamson are Expecting IDENTICAL TWIN girls in December (SOON) Pray for our baby girls in the making. Pray for Mother and babies health

Sep-01 / last prayer 110m ago
Persecuted believers

Pray for the JOY of Jesus as persecuted believers endure suffering and persecution Pray for wisdom, courage strength and endurance.

Oct-30 / last prayer 111m ago
Stewardship of God’s people.

Pray that FBC Pic, PRBA, MS Baptist, Southern Baptist. NAMB, IMB will be faithfully handle what God has entrusted to us. We are blessed people

Nov-01 / last prayer 111m ago
GALA Charity Event

Pray for the Gala Charity Event to benefit EXODUS PROJECT 21. Dec. 6, 6 pm Southern Char Resturant Pray for an outpouring of support for Adult and Teen Challenge

Nov-02 / last prayer 111m ago
Sonny Swearingen With the Lord

Sonny, was on life support at Rush Hospital in Meridian He had been in ICU the past 3 weeks with pancreatic failure. Sonny passed away Saturday. Nov 5. With the Lord.

Nov-04 / last prayer 110m ago
Persecuted and struggling christians

Pray for courage and wisdom for those persecuted for their faith in Christ Jesus. Pray these people will find hope as they witness and serve our Lord in difficult and dangerous places

Nov-03 / last prayer 110m ago
Picayune Gideon Camp

Praise the Lord for the open door and opportunity to give the Word of God to the High School students at PRC. 600 BLUE DEVIL students received a free copy of the GOOD NEWS. Pray for our students.

Oct-27 / last rejoice 111m ago
My son’s neighbor in North Carolina

My son’s neighbor is LOST, unchurched Unengaged with any Biblical based christian church. Previously wounded in a church. He now is following the culture & denies Christ Jesus. Pray for an awakening

Nov-07 / last prayer 111m ago
FBC family

Pray we will be in unity in commitment to doing the will of God

Nov-12 / last prayer 111m ago
FBC Pic disciple makers

Pray that our church wide focus will be to better embrace God’s Word and guard the heart. Pay for Pastor Tony, church staff and our SBF teachers as they draw us closer to God through God’s Word.

Nov-17 / last prayer 111m ago
Operation Christmas Child / Samaritan’s Purse

Pray that completed and packed shoeboxes will find there way into the hands of boys and girls who will find the expression of God’s love as a gift.

Nov-17 / last prayer 110m ago
Sydney Tyson Ray

Pray for Sydney. She has a follow up from a PET Scan that revealed positive to return of her cancer. Pray for a path to complete healing. Without complications.

Nov-04 / last prayer 111m ago

Pray for Maria. I engaged Maria in a Gospel conversation and gave her a New Testament. She was receptive and was grateful for the WORD. . Pray Maria will use the helps (Scripture) for direction

Nov-01 / last prayer 110m ago

Pray for spiritual eyes to see and respond to the needs of others as Jesus did when He walked the earth. Pray for perfect vision Pray we will be bold without limits to witness and serve

Nov-03 / last prayer 111m ago
Lottie Moon and Cooperative Program support

Praise God for the open doors and opportunity that allows FBC Pic to join with other churches to expand the impact of bringing the True Gospel to lost, confused, hopeless people living in darkness

Nov-03 / last rejoice 111m ago
Christian leadership

Pray for christian men, women and students who are called and sent to lead. Pray our christian leaders will be anxious for nothing and fear only God Pray our christian leaders will SHINE for Jesus.

Oct-30 / last prayer 110m ago
Families distanced during the holidays/grieving

Pray for those away from their loved ones this holiday season & pray for those spending their first holiday without a loved one who has passed away.

Nov-23 / last prayer 110m ago
Bereaved people

Pray for families and individuals who have lost loved ones and experiencing Thanksgiving and Christmas without spouses, parents, children, grandchildren. Pray for peace. Pray God’s comfort.

Nov-23 / last prayer 110m ago
FBC staff and members in Leadership roles

Pray that every FBC staff and church member will be faithful and sensible in carrying out their God given responsibilities. Called and sent people need to lead in Ministry and Mission efforts.

Nov-01 / last prayer 111m ago
Stiff necked / hardened hearted lost people

Pray for a new heart (heart transplant) of flesh that is able to love and worship God in a way no heart of stone could ever do. Pray for changed hearts

Nov-17 / last prayer 111m ago
IMB Journeyman in the field

Pray for our IMB Journeyman as they support our Missionaries in the field. Pray for open door and opportunity to share God’s Word with lost people living in darkness. Pray for an awakening.

Nov-04 / last prayer 110m ago
Unchurched UBER driver in NC

Pray for Samual, Unchurched, confused. Lost. We had a one hour Gospel conversation to the airport Samuel was given A copy of God’s Word with encouragement to Find Jesus.

Nov-10 / last prayer 110m ago
Discple Now Leaders

Student Disciple now leader placement. Please ask the Lord to prepare the right group leaders for our students.

Nov-08 / last prayer 111m ago
Crossover basketball / cheer

Pray that boys and girls with their families will be attracted to FBC Pic through Crossover. Pray the unchurched will come, feel welcomed, loved and will hear the Gospel message with changed lives

Nov-09 / last prayer 111m ago
Lost / unchurched / uncommitted persons

Pray for those in the pews and in our community who do not know Christ will have their hearts opened to the truth of the Gospel. Pray for an awakening.

Nov-01 / last prayer 111m ago
Hospice Care persons

Pray for those who are now in Hospice Care Pray for family, friends and health providers as they meet physical, mental and spiritual needs. Pray for peace, Faith and salvation received.

Oct-29 / last prayer 111m ago
Blessed and thankful people

Praise the Lord for His love, mercy, grace, provisions, supply, direction and protection. Giving thanks for His Spirit that is with us, in us and for us as His people called to witness and serve.

Nov-23 / last rejoice 111m ago
Steven C. Birmingham, AL. SERIOUS

Steve has an inoperable tumor in his lymph nodes. Radiation Is the only option. On feeding tube now. Pray the radiation will reduce and kill the tumor. Steve is LOST. Steve needs Jesus

Sep-04 / last prayer 111m ago
Chad Alderman

Answered prayer. Praise the Lord. Chad has accepted a managers position with a company that allows his family to continue to live here in Picayune God is good.

Nov-14 / last rejoice 110m ago
Gideons International (Gideon Minisrry)

Praise rhe Lord for the opportunity to pray, give & GO on behalf of Lord to deliver the unchanging Word of God to an ever changing world into 200 countries, territories & provinces. His Word ensures.

Nov-18 / last rejoice 111m ago
Prayer warriors / Intercessors

Pray that FBC Pic will develop into and be known as a House of Prayer Pray we will be in agreement with and pray God’s will, direction as influencers In our community and beyond our Comfort Zone

Nov-03 / last prayer 110m ago
FBC to be image bearers of Christ Jesus

Pray that we will live (therefore lives) lives that honor God in order that shows who are lost / perishing would see the light of the true Gospel of the glory of Christ within us

Nov-21 / last prayer 111m ago
Kyle Goode, Precept Bible Study leader

Pray for Kyle Goode as she leads our ladies in Bible study. Pray for wisdom and direction for our ladies as they go deeper into God’s Word.

Aug-31 / last rejoice 111m ago
Pastor Tony / wisdom / leadership / energy / good health

Pray for Pastor Tony for wisdom to lead our Lord’s church. Pray FBC will move forward in Missions, love and service beyond the secure walls of our facilities.

Aug-31 / last prayer 111m ago

Praise Answered prayer.

Sep-11 / last prayer 111m ago
Christians to be alert and aware of others needs

Pray as opportunity and open door presents challenges and needs we will have the alertness and compassion of Christ Jesus to engage with resources to Minister to those in need.

Oct-29 / last prayer 111m ago
FBC to be a disciple making church

Pray FBC will grow deeper into God’s Word through prayer, small groups, and worship. Pray that we will move from baby formula to deeper walk by faith and application of God’s Word

Aug-31 / last prayer 111m ago
Cider Circle volunteers / UMO goal

Pray that local citizens will be attracted to our Cider Circle event enjoying savory foods, sweets and funds received will help exceed our United Missions Offering goal to reach the lost for Christ

Nov-21 / last prayer 111m ago
FBC image bearers on Mission

Pray as a church body we will: seek Him, follow Him, worship Him and the true Gospel will be proclaimed in every house hold in our community and beyond unto the utter most places of the earth.

Nov-21 / last prayer 111m ago
Brannon Clymer chairman of deacons 2022-23

Pray for Brandon as he chairs our deacons 2022-23. Pray For wisdom. LEADERSHIP in prayer, service, stewardship, Ministry and Missions.

Sep-11 / last prayer 110m ago
Baby Jamison Dodd in recovery

Baby Jamison Was having difficulty breathing. Taken to the ER. Breathing treatments administered X-ray clear. Prayers answered. Praise God

Nov-20 / last rejoice 110m ago
Sam Walters / Baptism

Praise the Lord for Sam's profession on faith and public baptism. Well done Sam.

Nov-15 / last rejoice 111m ago
Imagine bearers

Pray that our FBC staff and church members will project the image of Christ Jesus in loving our neighbors, prayer, compassion, giving, witnessing, service, disciple making. Ministry and Missions

Nov-25 / last prayer 110m ago
NH member on Mission

Pray for NH, a student who will be returning for a short term Mission trip to an undisclosed country. Pray for safety. Wisdom and opportunity to be an influencer to lost and unchurched people.

Oct-21 / last rejoice 111m ago
FBC member on mission. Africa

Praise the Lord for Payton Quinto answering the call to Missions.

Sep-19 / last rejoice 111m ago
Sydney Gere Children’s Minister

Praise the Lord for Sydney Gere and her movement to full time Children’s Minister. Well done Sydney. We are blessed to have Sydney and Rob in our FBC family.

Oct-29 / last rejoice 111m ago
The redeemed to live with purpose

Pray our focus for life is to be world changers pointing the lost, unchurched and Unengaged people to Christ Jesus. We have work to do for the sake of God’s glory among the lost.

Nov-21 / last prayer 111m ago
Dustin Gray awaiting court action

Pray for Dustin and his family during their separation. Pray for Jim , Serena and family as they pray and hold the rope in Dustin’s support. Pray for God’s love, mercy and grace to give them strength

Nov-16 / last prayer 111m ago
Man at the Murphy Oil company gas station

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to share Jesus and place a copy of God’s Word into the hands of a man pumping gas. Pray the Holy Spirit will draw close to him and an awakenings Will take place.

Nov-16 / last rejoice 111m ago
Wednesday night Half Time cook teams

Pray for our FOUR volunteer Half Time Cook Teams who serve. Pray for the JOY of the Lord in service.

Aug-31 / last prayer 111m ago
Hospice patients / families / caregivers

Pray for people under hospice care. Pray for peace, comfort and hope. Praying God’s mercy and the hope from God’s Word (His Promises) of life eternal for those who trust Him by Faith alone.

Nov-23 / last prayer 110m ago
Pearl River County MS

Pray that our community will experience the miraculous power of God and be quick to turn back to Jesus in repentance and others will see Jesus through our actions & good deeds Pray for an awakening

Nov-03 / last prayer 110m ago
Prayers appreciated Intercessor

Thank you FBC Family for your prayers and holding the rope during my 19 day Gideon Assignment to Cape Verde Africa. Mission accomplished. SEED sown. Pray for the harvest. Blessings.

Oct-24 / last rejoice 110m ago

A large group of friends, mostly in Europe, will meet in two weeks for fellowship, spiritual renewal, prayer, discussions related to evangelism and helping people in difficult situations. Cantsay more

Nov-17 / last prayer 110m ago

Pray for resolution to a family issue that has been a stumbling block that has caused stress and difficulty within our family. Pray this Thanksgiving and Christmas season will bring love and joy.

Nov-13 / last prayer 111m ago
SBF Classes, teachers and Bible learners

Pray our people will connect in fellowship, Bible teaching with application outside the classroom to love people, share Jesus with compassion and service.

Aug-31 / last prayer 110m ago
Followers of Jesus to walk the talk

Pray Christian’s will live committed lives that care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of fellow believers Pray for an outpouring of love and service to others

Nov-02 / last prayer 111m ago
Gender confused people

Pray gender confused people will wake up and rejoice in who they are as a person with reason and purpose created by God Almighty who has never nor will ever make a mistake.

Oct-29 / last prayer 111m ago
Dr. Ryan Wade NOBTS graduate

Praise the Lord. Ryan Wade (former FBC Minister/ staff person) has completed requirements for PHD Well done Ryan.

Nov-15 / last rejoice 111m ago